Russian Realities Again Eclipsing Russian Art, Yerofeyev Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, October 26 – One of the wisest observations the prior due Andre de Saint-Rat ever made was that Russia’s Silver Age could have ended even when the 1917 revolution hadn’t occurred. That occasion needless to say introduced the cease faster through killing, forcing into emigration or otherwise silencing many representatives of that huge flowering. But it was now not the one cause.

            His phrases are an major reminder especially to scholars of Russia that now not everything that occurs in that nation or elsewhere is the consequence of the actions of politicians. They might do many issues to damage art or a minimum of artists but they usually aren't almost as all robust as they and plenty of others suppose in settling on whilst art is created and whilst it's not.

            de Saint-Rat’s perception involves thoughts whilst studying a brand new essay through Russian creator Viktor Yerofeyev who on visiting a modern exhibition in Moscow of art that was being produced in Russia just a couple of years ag asks what is fitting an everlasting Russian query “why is art coming to an end” in Russia as quickly as again? (

            He suggests that an show of art through Pavlensky, Pussy Riot and the War Group at Moscow’s Art4 museum of being an tutorial assessment of anything that has already receded into the remote previous especially than being a reflection of what's taking location in Russia today. And he asks why that's the case.

            Yerofeyev’s reply to his own query is brutal and disturbing: This has occurred merely simply due to the fact “life has develop into more suitable than any art and we ourselves have develop into side of the enormous picture. And this very main image is a lot more suitable than its indignant reflection” within the works on display.

            “New times,” he suggests, “demand sacrificial art;” but quickly the level is reached whilst “art at the brink of self-destruction is reworked right into a regimen as the occasions end up to be extra picturesque than it's they usually in typical dominate all art of the brand new avantgarde.”  The interval in Russia since 2014 is one in every of these times.

            Art has back long gone silent simply due to the fact it did in 1917 and 1931, Yerofeyev continues, “not simply due to the fact nothing is being written, drawn or fantasized,” but especially simply due to the fact in Russia “life back has develop into extra exciting than any fantasy. Instead of [Nikolay] Gumilyev, we have now [Boris] Nemtsov forever.”

            At some point, the Russian creator says, art will return for us, an art which will lead especially than comply with what is taking location within the streets.  But whilst this could increasingly occur and who “we” will likely be are open questions. All that could be stated now could be that in Russia for the time being “art has ended” and famous of modern art are in truth famous concerning the past.